Splatoon’s Callie and Marie faceoff!

Splatoon fans, who has your vote?
July is a big month for Splatoon fans! The Squid Sisters will have their first-ever live event outside of Japan at the Japan Expo in Paris on July 8th. To celebrate, and end the Splatfest tradition, Splatoon players get to vote for their favorite Squid Sister. The Callie VS Marie Splatfest will run from 11:00 CEST on Friday, July 22nd until 11:00 CEST on July 24th. Afterwards, the global results will be tallied and the winner crowned. The final Splatfest will end with a glorious bang!

What is Splatfest? Every week players vote on what they prefer (Cats VS Dogs, Hamburger VS Pizza etc.) then join teams with like-minded players and face off against those with the opposing opinion. The final debate will be Callie VS Marie. RIP Splatfest…

3On a better note, July  8th is a big day for Nintendo and Amiibo fans alike.  Eight new Amiibos will be released in retail stores; including the lovely Squid Sisters. And to share more Squid Sister love, Nintendo will have the Squid Sister’s live performance in Europe on their YouTube page hours after the performance on July 8th, and three songs will be released on Wii Karaoke U on July 28th (“City of Color”, “Ink Me Up”, and “Calamari Inkantation”).

Which Squid Sister has your vote? Callie or Marie? Let the battle commence, and remember: Staaay fresh!



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