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New Star Trek Online Launch Trailer Agents of Yesterday

Become a temporal agent when Star Trek Onlines third expansion Agents of Yesterday launches July 6th.

To celebrate Star Trek: The Original Series’ 50th anniversary, Agents of Yesterday invites you to captain an era-appropriate ship from the series that started it all. Agents of Yesterday will include more than a dozen new star ships and several new featured episodes starring several beloved cast from various Star Trek series.

Overwatch gets Competetive (Play)

Battle on!

Competitive Overwatch players now have a new mode: Competitive Play.  It is available now on PC and is coming soon to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Competitive Play is designed to put your skills to the test and offers a more serious experience compared to Quick Play or Weekly Brawl. But there’s a catch: you do no unlock Competitive Play until you reach level 25.

To unlock  Competitive Play players must complete 10 placement matches in order to obtain an initial skill rating (ranked between 1-100).   The higher the value, the greater the skill.  You can see your skill rating at the beginning of every match and as you compete your rating will increase or decrease with each win or loss.  Ratings will include your own performance and the skill of the other players in the match.

Competitive Play will have four seasons that last two and a half months.  At the end of that time period stats and skill ratings will reset. A two-week off-season will follow and then a new season will start again.  Keep an eye out, because Summer 2016 will be coming soon!

Competitive Play not only allows you to show off your skills, players also earn rewards that will only be available through Competitive Play.  At the end of the season, anyone who has completed the 10 placement matches will receive a special spray, and player icon designed specially for that season.  Winning matches will also earn you Competitive Points that can be exchanged for Golden Weapons for your heroes.

Read more: https://playoverwatch.com/en-gb/blog/20167051