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Review: HyperX Cloud Revolver Headset


Is The Cloud Revolver Worth Your Time

With the popularity of the last installments from HyperX, the company is ready to introduce a new headset:  The HyperX Cloud Revolver. Does it live up to its predecessor though?


Comfort and Appearance

First thing to note with the HyperX Cloud Revolver is the packaging. When first opening a new box you can immediately see the time spent on packaging and how the headset is presented as a beautiful work of art. It’s down to the little details of the welcome note inscribed on the box, to the headphones laying perfectly in the packaging foam. After lifting the product out, you can tell right away these headphones have a different feel and  appearance compared to other headsets. With its signature HyperX memory foam, a durable steel frame, and how it automatically adjusts to your head size/shape with its rotating side ear cups the comfort of these headphones are beyond what I would have ever expected from any gaming headset. Not to mention, they live up to their name as “Cloud Revolver” because they are super light and don’t weigh down on your head or ears. Along with comfort, the appearance looks more aggressive rather than flashy. One flaw the Cloud Revolver has at this point on appearance is, although the red and black have that aggressive look to it, there are no customization/color options. I would love to had seen different color variations. Other than the that, this is one headset you can’t wait to show off; and you’ll be showing it off in comfort.

5416 HyperX Cloud 2

Performance and Sound

As we all know, aesthetic and comfort is important, but the main reason we buy any headset is the performance and sound quality. The Cloud Revolver is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a headset to use for more than one gaming device. Equipped with a 3.5mm stereo, mic plugs, and an Audio Control Box, you are able to use this crafty set on a PS4, Xbox One, PSVita, 3DS, PC, and even your Phone/MP3 Device.Untitled-1

One of the stand out features is the detachable, noise cancellation mic.  If you are on the go and decide to use these for your Phone/MP3 device, you won’t suffer the embarrassment of having a mic in your face since the mic is removable. The noise cancelling mic also works extremely well.  When I record my own audio it cancels all background noise including the white noise of a blowing fan and background chatter.

The sound performance is spectacular.The ear cups prevent any outside sound from interfering with gameplay and the speakers separate every sound to its distinct sound level. These headphones do an amazing job keeping all audio intact with studio grade sound. Listening to sword swings, bullets hitting your enemy, or even just enjoying the music from an RPG, the performance is satisfying. The downside is it is missing 7.1 surround sound -a feature the Cloud II did have. Another slight issue is the steel frame of the headset. Any little touch to the metal frame will  be heard, but the only time this is noticeable is when all audio is off and your decide to touch your headset.


Although the headset has a few small flaws (no customization options, the metallic frame creating sound, and lacking in 7.1 surround sound), The HyperX Cloud Revolver headset is an excellent choice for someone who likes playing games on multiple platforms, being comfortable, and tuning out the rest of the world to delve into the game.

Will you be picking these headphones up?

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