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Danganronpa 3: Despair Arc Episode 5

The Beginning of the End

Although it wasn’t too hard to guess, but obviously, Mitarai is being impersonated by the Ultimate Impostor.  Am I the only one that absolutely loves the irony of it, you know, since the Ultimate Imposter is just a larger version of someone else and clearly his own identity, in a way.

In the meantime, Chisa transfers to the reserve course for half a year.  When she returns, she is, of course, greeted by much love from her class. Peko and Kizuryu are getting pretty buddy-buddy along with Sonia and Gundam.  Chiaki is considered the super glue of the class. It’s a pretty nice reunion, however, Nagito is still missing. In her time at the reserve course, Chisa learned about the Kamukura Project, a project named after the founder of Hope’s Peak Academy, Izuru Kamukura. She also notes the disappearance of Hajime Hinata.

The most exciting part about this episode, however, it the appearance of none other than Junko Enoshima and Mukuro Ikusaba! Junko and Mukuro enter Hope’s Peak Academy alongside Naegi and it’s both so hopeful and despair inducing at the same time!

Is it weird that I want to see how this world crumbled?

What are your thoughts about the episode? What do you think of Hajime and his warped thinking, that by gaining so much talent it would make Chiaki proud?  Tell me in the comments!


Danganronpa 3: Despair Arc Episode 4

The Melancholy Surprise, and Disappearance of Nagito Komaeda

Sorry I’m late! Yes there will be spoilers so don’t read ahead if you don’t want ’em.

We finally discovered why Ruruka, Izayoi, and Seiko were expelled from Hope’s Peak. This episode made me realize how closely Despair and Future arc are related since they seem to be playing off of one another.

Nagito is a pretty frightening guy, but probably one of my favorites in the entire Danganronpa series.  After the death of Fuyuhiko’s sister and Mahiru’s friend the classroom atmosphere gets pretty gloomy.  Not to mention practical exams are coming up!

Determined to cancel the practical exams, Nagito creates an elaborate, yet deadly, plan so that his classmates won’t have to take it.  After all, he wants his classmates to perform at the best and they can only shine the brightest when they are at their best.

Bribing Teru with a magazine featuring none other than Sayaka Maizono (I love seeing old characters reappear in their talent forms!) Nagito meets Seiko… and pretty much ruins her life.  A slight mix up between a Reanimator and Reactivator, and a school bag leads to judges ingesting a laxative, a fight between Ruruka and Seiko, a giant dog, and an explosion. Who is to blame for this disaster? Seiko, Ruruka, and Izayoi.  They receive an expulsion while Nagito gets off with a suspension. Talk about Ultimate Luck! Unfortunately, Chisa is held responsible and transferred to the reserve course. Even luckier, that’ where she needs to investigate!

In this time, Hinata is “missing”, or at least he isn’t meeting up with Chiaki anymore.

What do you think of Nagita Komaeda? Do you like him or hate him? Is he good or bad? Let me know in the comments!

Danganronpa 3: Despair Arc Episode 3

Farewell to all Futures
(Yes, there are spoilers.)

For those who didn’t follow the game, Natsumi Kuzuryu is introduced.  She is Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu’s (the Ultimate Gangster) younger sister and is the self-proclaimed Ultimate Little Sister. Her part in the show was cut extremely short. I was hoping we’d get to see her for a couple more episodes but then again, this is a show about Despair. I am pretty stoked to see more of the events around Twilight Syndrome.

So, while I have your attention, does anyone have any thoughts regarding Natsumi’s murder? Do you think Sato is the murderer?

Here’s why I believe she isn’t:
-Mahiru and Sato refer to an incident that happened in their junior high school Photography Club.
-Mahiru and Natsumi got into an argument and Sato stepped in
-Sato has a scar on her arm, but does not say where the scar came from.  Instead, she says “Later that night…” with no further detail. She never explicitly states that it came from Natsumi.
-Sato and Mahiru both believe that “It must have been that person.”
-When Hajime asks Sato for the truth, she complies with the story that Natsumi was murdered by a suspicious intruder.  She then goes on to say, “Or it must have been a suicide.” To me, this suggests that she didn’t know the details of the murder.  If she had been the murderer she would have known that it wasn’t a suicide.
-Sato is murdered.

These fact can also work against me.  Sato is certain that Natsumi plans to harm Mahiru. Sato also becomes very distraught when she realizes that Hajime knew that Natsumi wouldn’t kill herself.  It could simply be Sato trying to reassure herself that she made the right choices. Or she’s trying to hold on to the idea that she deserved to die?

In addition, do you think the Kuzuryu’s murdered Sato or do you think it was “that person”? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

Episode 3 really highlights the tension between the reserve course and the main campus of Hope’s Peak Academy.  Reserve course students are viewed as “talentless” and there’s this stigma attached to them since they are  paying to attend such a prestigious school.

The relationships between the Ultimate’s and Reserve Course students is not portrayed as one of equality.  Mahiru (the Ultimate Photographer) and Sato (a reserve course student) have a great friendship, however, Sato is more obsessed with Mahiru’s talent rather than her person.  Sato says, “You are the photography clubs Hope”. The analogy is used twice, by Natsumi and Juzo, that reserve course students cling to the Ultimate students like crap on a goldfish.

This aspect of Danganronpa is pretty critical to the rest of the show.  This is a battle between Hope and Despair and the reserve course plays a major role in The Incident.  The envy for talent, the lust for talent, and the hopelessness of never being able to enter the main campus makes it that much easier to be manipulated by Despair.

Juzo also makes his appearance.  This time he is the Head of Security.  While he definitely comes off as an asshole, he has good intentions.  Hajime knows quite a bit about Natsumi’s death, but investigating it further could put him in harms way. While Juzo has somewhat decent intentions, I think he is what pushes Hajime to participate in the experiment.  Being told that he is a useless cog and brushing Natsumi’s death under the rug simply because she was a reserve course student is infuriating.  Hajime will have Artificial Talent and become an Artificial Hope.  But Hajime also mentions that he is “empty”.  This hollowness makes him susceptible to whoever is willing to influence him first.

I’m still curious to see who is behind what makes Hope’s Peak Academy rotten.  It couldn’t all be Junko, could it?

I really love the relationship between Hajime and Nanami.  I still think that Nanami is a real person, not an AI because I don’t think an AI could blush like that!

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