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A New Map and A New Creature Are Hitting Umbrella Corp.


New details on Resident Evil-inspired multiplayer shooter Umbrella Corps. Capcom has announced a new “Antarctic Base” map from Resident Evil Code: Veronica and a new creature type called “Mutated Zombie”

“Antarctic Base” Map
The Antarctic Base, set within the Umbrella research facility, was never repaired after the deadly T-virus incident witnessed in Resident Evil Code: Veronica. The base remains in its heavily destroyed state, featuring a vertically expansive play area covering three floors that allow players to endure a thrilling fast-paced round of hide and seek gameplay. Perhaps the most tactical map in the game, players can utilize cover points, interwoven ventilation ducts, and ladders to unleash deadly surprise attacks on their foes.

“Mutated Zombies” Creature Type
Also being added into the shooting mayhem are the special “Mutated Zombies” that can be found in the single player Experiment Mode’s Antarctic Base map and in the Multi-Mission Mode’s SP DNA Hunter ruleset. Featuring advanced states of mutation, there are many viruses spreading across the infected zones in Umbrella Corps and it’s unclear whether the T-virus or C-virus is responsible for these blood thirsty enemies. Harder to defeat than normal zombies, not only are they unaffected by the Zombie Jammer, but they are also able to render the Zombie Jammer temporarily ineffective against other creatures near the player.
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The Division: Review

The Division: Review

By Eduardo Canales (The EAC)
After months of anticipation The Division, released March 8, 2016 was worth the wait.

The natural progression of the story feels organic as far as storylines go.  You feel a sense of urgency to complete the main missions to see what happens next, but you can still go out and enjoy side missions which explore the city and, if you’re lucky, get into a dark zone or two. Considering the story of The Division, the scenarios are portrayed realistically. You’ll encounter civilians boarding or going for supply drops that are meant for the whole population that is still in New York, as well as Fanatics trying to totally eradicate the disease.

 The graphics pull you into the game and do a fantastic job immersing you into this this disease ridden New York. Luckily, I haven’t come across any glitches so far (knock on wood). Personally, I am a big fan of the way they show fire engines and awed by the fire graphics; they’re the some of the best that I have seen in a game. If it’s from a trap explosion, flamethrower, your name, or just a random error that you shoot to take out your enemies the flames are gorgeous.

The Weapons Systems is very comfortable and easy to use. For anyone who regularly plays any type of FPS the shooting mods are easy to grasp and fun to use. Building and upgrading your weapons for high level of enemies can be frustrating yet rewarding as it gives you more of a purpose explore every square inch of any environment. So far, I have not really used any crafting items or crafted anything although I have already found everything I need it from looting the stages, but I know it will come in handy as I collect more weapon parts in order to create more powerful weapons.

The Division feels like a cross between Destiny’s Borderlands with a real-world setting. I would highly recommend The Division. It is entertaining, challenging, and immersive. I’m only 10 hours into the game only but it feels like I’ve only played for a few.