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UZUMAKI (Spirals Ate My Neighbors) Review

UZUMAKI (Spirals Ate My Neighbors)
By Dark_Laharl

Uzumaki by Junji Itois a seinen horror manga with a good amount of gore, scary images, and nightmare inducing stories. I ran into Uzumakia while back and I was instantly drawn in to the story and, I have to admit, I did have nightmares about the stories I read.

Uzumaki is presented as short stories where horrible things happen to the main characters but has an overarching story line that ties the manga together toward the end. A curse looms over Kurôzu-cho (黒渦町 Black Vortex Town; people become obsessed with spirals and are consumed by them. People want to become a spiral, spirals bring bad fortune, or sometimes someone is absolutely mangled in a car crash and turned into a spiral only to come back and chase someone they knew. (That one in particular got to me, that’s the one I had a nightmare about.)  

The curse brings horror to everyone.  The story is overall serious, with some comical moments where the characters seem to get used to the horrors they are seeing and are like “Yo, cut that shit out man! Stop twisting into a tornado and merging with that other person doing that” (trust me it’s a long story)

I liked all the stories within Uzumaki and the overarching story is pretty good too, the ending left me wanting more than what was given. If you like getting scared in a deeper way than just watching someone get killed or being chased by the killer, than I definitely recommend Uzumakito you.