NCG Review – Windjammers (PS4, PSVita)

Time to head back to the beach! Originally released in 1994, Windjammers has made its way from Arcades to Playstation 4 and PSVita with all of its nostalgic neon colors, and intense frisbee slamming goodness.

If you’re not familiar with Windjammers, the title is a perfect mix between classic Pong, and Street Fighter. Players will be able to choose from the six playable characters who all have a special attack and specific stats which are used to compete in the pong-style gameplay.WINDJAMMERS_Screenshots01.png

Windjammers is a cult classic in the arcades, as well as in the fighting game scene, is here to stay by being updated with HD menus, plus more. Players can now choose from a few different game modes: Arcade, Infinite, Local Versus, Online Quick Match, and Ranked, as well as play from two Mini Games; Dog distance, and Bowling. WINDJAMMERS_Screenshots04.png

Arcade mode is your classic play mode that fans will be familiar with. The player will take on the remaining of the 6 playable characters to reach a high score. Infinite is somewhat the same, but instead of only playing the remaining characters, players will try to reach a high score until they lose. These two modes are perfect and just as intense for players just trying to have the old nostalgic feel they grew up. Dog Distance and Bowling are perfect for the single player gamers as well, as players will try to see how far they can chuck the frisbee or how many strikes they can get within a small time frame.

The most notable modes are of course the Local and Online Versus! Whether you’re looking to take on your friends in some couch play or take on the world in the Online Versus, these modes are the main staple for some incredible gameplay, and for the first time in Windjammer history players can now compete in Ranked matches.

This package is a fantastic buy for fans and newcomers, as it is simple to understand but at the same time complex which is great for players looking to step their game up on the court. I’m giving Windjammers a 9/10 for being true to the original, and adding a much needed online play mode to keep the title alive for years to come.


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