Dreamhack is Launching a line of PC’s

Today Dreamhack has announced that they will be releasing their very own PC line.

Dreamhack is widely known for their (Bring Your Own Computer) LAN party and DreamHack has over 20 years experience arranging festivals, events and competitions throughout the Nordics, Europe and North America.

DreamHack PC will launch featuring four product lines, each specifically targeted for a gamer’s needs.

Here is an overview and release video on what to expect.

The DreamHack PC is built using components from the leading brands in the business and with the extensive knowledge from DreamHack’s LAN parties, event usage and esport competitions. We truly believe that we have a line of gaming computers that will meet the demands for all kinds of gamers ranging from the beginner, the esport professionals, to content creators, and broadcasters that demand a flawless experience from their PC.

DreamHack PC PLAY delivers great performance for the most popular games and comes with components from some of the very best manufacturers on the market. PLAY is the most affordable DreamHack PC with great price performance, all with DreamHack DNA included.

DreamHack PC GAMING delivers awesome performance in all new and popular games ranging from the most popular competitive esport games to the latest block buster titles from the biggest publishers. DreamHack PC Gaming is built only with the very best components in its class and is fully upgradable and flexible.

DreamHack PC ESPORTS is made to deliver flawless esports performance in a real life competitive environments on LAN and on the biggest stages in the esports world. DreamHack is one of the biggest esport tournament organisers in the world and knows what it takes of a machine to be the best tool for a professional team and players that are competing on the highest level. DreamHack PC ESPORTS can be the deciding factor between a win or a loss.

DreamHack PC STREAMER delivers performance for the high end user to stream and play on in full resolution. Amazing machine for content creators, youtubers and broadcasters who share their gaming experience in real time with their audiences. With two top of the line graphic cards and some of the very best components available the DreamHack PC STREAMER is the choice for professionals and the most demanding gamers!

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