Prey Release Date and New Trailer

Today Bethesda announced Prey’s release date along with sharing a new trailer! If you had not heard what Prey is, its a re-imagining of the 2006 game of the same title, unfortunately I didn’t play that one but I am interested in this one. Since the new Prey isn’t coming out until May 5th we all have time to check out the old game too, which I am considering.prey_cover_art

Along with the release date it was announced that pre-orders will include the “Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack,” which contains the Margrave Shotgun and ammo plans, two medkits, three Transtar Neuromods, one recycler shielding chipset, and starter fabrication materials. I don’t know what most of that does, but it sounds like stuff that gives you a leg up right out of the gate. Personally I probably won’t pre order, pre ordering can be an evil practice.

Anyway check out the new trailer below, and check out the trailer to the original Prey below the new one. Tell us what you think! are you going to buy and play?

Oldie, wow to the difference! we have come a long way in graphics

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