Tricky Towers has a Free Tournament System Update

Developer studio Weird Beard has released a free new update, which added a “Tournament Mode” to the frantic physics-based building game Tricky Towers. Alongside with the new update , Weird Beard will also be doing a holiday giveaway as well.

Tricky Towers is out now for Playstation and PC.

Here is a quick overview and trailer of what to expect from the update and holiday giveaway.

Tournament expansion 
It was high time for some healthy wizardry competition between friends and family and what better timing then releasing this expansion for the Holidays.
Next to the usual bug squashing and UX improvements, a free local and online multiplayer tournament system with printable party pack has been released. The Tricky Towers expansion includes;

  • Local and online tournament mode, play multiple rounds to find out whom the ultimate wizard is..
  • Endless single player puzzle leaderboard mode
  • Weekly and monthly leaderboards for the most fanatical wizards out there  New achievements
  • Printable tournament pack;
    o Tricky Towers Tournament schedule; print out and hang on your living room wall to keep track who has to play against whom
    o Official rules of the Tricky Towers Tournament Cup
    o Printable wizard hats to help you dress up and impress your rivals during matches o 3D model of the Tricky Towers Super Cup which you can print out and give to the winner of the tournament!

Holiday giveaway 
Share your ‘Holidays (stuffing) tricks’ before the 25th on Twitter or Facebook, and include #happystacking to have a shot on one of the three Tricky Towers gift packs. The Tricky Towers gift pack includes four game keys, the printed tournament pack and a charming 3D cup shipped and sealed to your home address.

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