Spooky Month: Spooky’s House of Jumpscares


OMG She’s so Cute!!!!….wait…aahhhhhhh

Spooky’s House of Jumpscares a game by Lag Studios originally realeased on July 28th of 2015, is a horror game where your goal is to make it through Spooky’s house, all 1000 rooms. The game starts out to innocently, the first few monsters are just pop out monsters on sticks but as you get deeper and deeper into the house things just get scarier and scarier. A good example is the faceless monster chasing you, or the killer deer.

Spooky’s is a fun little game, it can be unsettling at certian parts but I definetly recommend you give it a try, get it now on Steam for about $12 bucks or wait and see if it goes on sale in the near future.

Spooky Factor: Super Cute Spooky, but then very spooky

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