Digimon World: Next Order Announcement

Bandai Namco has announced that a new Digimon World game is coming early 2017 subtitled Next Order.

Here are the details:

•Over 200 Digimon from the animated series!
•Choose between a male or female protagonist
•For the fi rst time ever in the series, explore the Digital World with not one, but TWO
Digimon partners!
•Your success in battles & the growth of your partners is totally dependent on you: Raise, train, feed, discipline, etc. in real-time to
form strong bonds with your Digimon companions. Every interaction & activity matters!
•Evolved AI Battle System: Strong bonds with your partners is key – train your Digimon to excel in AI battles on their own. Cooperation
& synchronization between your partners and their feelings will increase your chances of winning. Shout commands and cheer them
to victory!
•Recruit and integrate new Digimon into the village to expand & evolve it.

The story follows the protaganist as they are sucked into the digital world to find it under attack by Machinedramons (its like a mechanical t-rex with cannons on its back and skulls for knees) The player is tasked with finding a way back to the real world and stopping the destruction of the digital world.

I haven’t played a Digimon World game since the 2nd one but I did like it back then, I would like to try this one out too. Look for it early next year as a digital download on the PS4!

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