NCG Recommends: KonoSuba

Ok, so the full title is KonoSuba: Gods Blessing on this Beautiful World. Such a long title!

Imagine, if you will, dying and then being given a choice: go to heaven or be reborn in another world to try and save it from an evil emperor. Which would you choose? Kazuma, the main character, chooses to be reborn and hilarity ensues. The world he is reborn into is like an RPG and he is only level one, dirt poor, and has average stats. Accompanied by the goddess Aqua and later Megumin and Lalatina, he must level up, earn gold, and eventually defeat evil.

I really enjoyed the first season and I am really hoping it receives more episodes so I can see the story unfold. Think you’ll watch it? Already have; What did you think? Let me know!!


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