Berserk (2016) Blood and Guts


3 years ago was the last time we saw an animated Berserk story, but now it’s back to continue where the story left off. Personally, I had never watched Berserk when it originally debuted. It wasn’t until two years ago that I sat down and watched the series in its entirety. Even though the style was a little dated I really enjoyed it, and of course the ending made me demand more!

Spoilers for older anime: In this continuation Guts, our Hero? is out for vengeance against the betrayal of his best friend Griffith. Alone after his comrades are killed and his lover raped and driven insane, Guts will stop at nothing to kill Griffith and the other demon apostles. The 2016 anime picks up where the manga begins.


If you’re a fan of the older Berserk, I definitely recommend the new 2016 series. The art style is definitely different than the previous incarnations, it has a little or a lot more CG style art, but I don’t think it’s much of a distraction ( it is actually kinda neat), especially after the older 1980’s-1990’s look, which sadly, I am not a huge fan of.

Are you a fan of Berserk? Are you watching? Let me know in the comments! I’m hoping to see the Berserk armor debut in this new series.


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