TRIZEAL Remix plus win a copy of MINUS ZERO

A new game, and a chance to win
Shooting Love 20XXis coming to Steam under the title TRIZEAL Remix!  TRIZEAL Remix is a classic shoot-‘em-up style game with a refined depth. Transform your ship to switch between a wide shot, a narrow laser, or a guided missile weapon. Then, strategically switch your weapons for the varied enemy waves.  You can also unlock hidden ships with different play styles! The game also offers a two-player local co-op, replay support, and you unlock Steam Achievements, Leaderboards.  Still not enough? You can also save your game on the Cloud.

To celebrate the new release, a MINUS ZERO contest will be held.  To participate you must:-Turn on replays (so your score can be evaluated)
-From the start screen, select “Option”, then “Option”, then toggle “Replay Save” to “On”
-Play to win!

The three highest scores on the leaderboard by 6pm PT on 6/20/16 will win a pre-release copy of EXZEAL!

TRIZEAL Remix will be released July 7th 2016 on Steam

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