Stories The Path of Destiny: Review

A Long Story

Stories is an action RPG with a third person above view gameplay. The story drops you into a large crusade to find a book by a King who recently turned evil. Enter Reynardo, a former pirate who turned to a life of normality after his mother death. A chain of events forces Reynardo to be an unlikely hero.

At first glance, the game seems easy to play through, and it was. The first play through was a breeze, but as you play the world opens up with different levels and story lines with various endings and self-realizations. The combat is straight forward with several weapons to use and a skill tree to upgrade, improve combat, speed, and even stop time.

Each play through gives a different path to go down in between each level and is a fun way to choose what level you play next. The narrative style of the game will make you laugh and make you question the choices you make, but at the same making you feel ok with them. Kind of like a backhanded compliment or a mother saying “well it’s your life, do what you want”.

This was a fun game to play, but it was not particularly hard. The difficulty of the game may not justify the cost of the game but the story more than makes up for it. It will keep you playing, with as many endings enhancing Stories replay value. The more you play, the more endings you get, and the more endings you get the more skill tiers become available; keeping you interested is not be a problem.

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