Bio Meat: Nectar Manga Review

Bio Meat: Nectar Review
By Dark_Laharl

Bio Meat: Nectar is a survival horror manga written by Fujisawa Yuki. It was released in 2000 and ran for 12 volumes. The manga as a whole is split into 3 arcs following the protagonists through childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Fujisawa’s message through the series is evident: science doesn’t necessarily have the correct solution.

In the future, when hunger plagues humanity and garbage overflows from landfills, Japanese science finds a solution by creating a creature that consumes everything except glass and metal. These creatures are called Bio-Meat, or “BM” for short, and  are kept in a dome where they feast on Japan’s garbage. Once fed, they are gathered, slaughtered, and sold to be eaten by humans. What could possibly go wrong?

The government can’t hope to plan for all contingencies.  The BM escape and consume everything in sight –including humans. Citizens must run for their lives or be eaten by these horrendous, man-made monsters. To avoid spoilers, I will only say this happens three times overall, and the last time is by far the worst outbreak.

Japanese BM

I enjoyed the story that Bio Meat: Nectar has to offer. If you have not read any horror manga before, Bio-Meat: Nectar is a good introduction to the genre. The “gore” scenes in Bio Meat are not too graphic, although, the underside of the BM itself (the Japanese BM) is slightly disturbing. The entirety of it looks like a little black turtle with two heads, no eyes, and a giant vertical mouth with human like teeth on its underbelly. From the side of the mouth are weird appendages that look like thin skeletal spider legs that the BM uses to scoop things into its mouth. Stuff of nightmares or at the very least very uncanny valley. What is that? Four mini mouths on each of its legs as well? The hell?

USBM eating a poor soul

The American BM is much different than the Japanese BM and I am not quite sure how to describe it. The best description I can give is a mouth attached to a bunch of tentacles. I don’t even know how the Americans cut the thing up to make it look like steak, come to think of it how do they cut original BM into steak? This is never really addressed in the series.

The art style of Bio Meat: Nectar is very akin to most horror manga; it does its best to look as realistic as possible but sometimes over exaggerates facial expressions and violence to depict the grotesque nature of what happens throughout the manga.

Stupid lady, you’re getting eaten!

The series follows four characters. Maaya, arguably the  main protagonist of the story, is a self-proclaimed bad boy who acts out for attention and to make new friends but goes about it all wrong. As he grows older, he remains the same, a bit brash at times but can becomes a real hero when he needs to protect his friends and innocent civilians –even at the cost of his own safety.  Banba, the muscle of the group, is introduced as a bully, but later reveals a heart of gold and someone who cares deeply about those he loves. Shingo, the child prodigy full of smarts and solutions, grows with the series  becoming less reserved and caring toward the people around him. Lastly, Marino plays the love interest of the group. Having gone through three BM outbreaks together, she cares about each of the male leads and drops the “victim” role to become a motherly figure toward them.

In Bio Meat: Nectar, Fujisawa proposes the idea that science is a double edged sword.  We see this through the BM; man-made creatures with a lust for devouring everything in sight.  While the BM solve the problem of waste and hunger the creatures themselves are unstoppable monsters. They ravage the city into a near apocalyptic state and the science and technology meant to save humanity endangers humanity instead. In the series, we see scientists pressing forward despite the danger posed to mankind. This concept parallels the world we live in today. Consider genetically modified food.  While we are solving issues of world hunger, the impact to the environment (if not properly controlled) can be irreversible.  What will our food mutate into? What will happen to the planet and humanity when we keep pressing forward and something goes awry on a global scale?
If you enjoy horror/apocalyptic stories then this is definitely one to pick up and read. I, personally, would love for this to become an anime at some point especially with the advent of stuff like Attack on Titan which shows people getting eaten. It’s not too far of a step to show the same being done by the little BM’s. Final Verdict: Find it, Read it, ENJOY IT! Let me know what you guys think of it.





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