Disgaea 5 Releases in Japan

Disgaea 5 has launched in Japan, and here is the launch video, the spites have never looked so polished in HD. If you guys are like me and can’t wait for this game to hit the U.S. you can get an import online, or download it from a Japanese PSN account. Of course you would need a way to translate the game to be able to know whats going on.
Are you guy looking forward to Disgaea 5 to hit the west, and if so what do you guys think of the gameplay from the video?
You can also buy the game from PlayAsia from the link below

Xbox Games With Gold – April

Microsoft has announced the free games with gold you can get for the month of April!

Xbox One
Pool Nation FX- All Month Long

Child of Light- All Month Long

Xbox 360

Gears of War:  Judgment- April 1-15

Terraria- April 1-15
Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag- April 16-31
Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel- April 16-31

This is a great line up for the month. You’ve got action with Army of Two, a great shooter with Gears, some good adventures in Child of Light and Assassins Creed, and tons of replayability with Pool Nation and Terraria!

10% off Total Purchase Code to use in the Playstation Store

So where you thinking of getting Bloodborne, or even Borderlands The Handsome Collection? Well now is the time to do so with a 10% discount. Sony is offering this code to PSN gamers till the end of March.

Also don’t forget that Playstaytion is doing their Spring Fever 2015 games as well, you can find these games at the link below.

So what games will you be picking up, comment below and let us know.

Let’s Try To Stay Alive

So here at N.C.G. we love to play local multi-player games, but we some how kill each other, do not share items, and all around do not work well in teams at different points in curtain games. Here are a series of gameplay videos called “Lets Try To Stay Alive” showing how bad we are at teams.
Check them out.

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PSVITA 3.50 Update is Live

 Firmware 3.50 Releases Today!

Along with PlayStation 4 firmware update 2.50 tomorrow, the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV are getting updated to firmware 3.50 tomorrow, which will be required to use the new 60fps Remote Play option.According to PlayStation’s blog post today, PS TV and PS Vita update 3.50 “will add new accessibility options, including enlarge text, increase contrast, and more,” as well as the 60fps streaming for Remote Play. However, as we learned in January, Maps and near support are ending once firmware 3.50 is installed as well. Here’s the full changelog for PS Vita/PS Vita update 3.50 that appeared on PlayStation Japan’s website:

PlayStation Network [PSN] will be renamed to [PlayStation Network]

PS4 Link Remote Play will have a high quality setting (60fps)

Scene search added

1080p videos supported, with fast-forward up to 1.5x

PS Vita map application will be removed

All functions that used the “map” will be removed

Accessibility options will be added

PlayStation Network Sub-Account Upgrade – Enable users 18 years of age or older with sub-accounts to upgrade to a master account directly on PS Vita: [PlayStation Network]>[Sub-account upgrade]> removing restrictions on chat and user media and enabling users to add funds to their Wallet and purchase content.

The PlayStation App also gets updated to 2.50 tomorrow, adding new accessibility options, including enlarged text, increased contrast and more.