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New Nintendo 2DS XL Announced

Nintendo has announced that it will be releasing an New XL version of its 2DS version of the New 3DS XL! It looks slick and nice, sort of like a regular New 3DS XL, but a little smoother.

Here I was thinking they might just get rid of the 3DS family in favor of the Switch. We will have to wait and see what happens though. Look for this new iteration towards the end of July.

The 2DS Will Receive A Price Drop and Preinstalled Game

A free game is included?

The 2DS, first launched in October 2013. Able to play the same library as the 3DS, but with out the 3D option buit in, the 2DS was great for the budget price it was. Yes, I said it was, becauseĀ  as of May 20th

Nintendo will permanently drop the price of its 2DS handheld from $99.99 to $79.99.
This time around you will be able to grab it with Mario Kart 7 preinstalled as well as grab the earlier announced Nintendo Selects priced at $19.99 for your 2DS.

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