5 Video Games That Should be Made into TV Shows or Movies

5 Video Games That Should be Made into TV Shows or Movies

In their own medium, games have told some of the best stories that have ever see the light of day. Stories that invoke empathy, wonder, and joy on par with classics like Moby Dick, The Giver, and 10,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Sadly, many people who aren’t interested, or just can’t play games will never experience them. With great actors, directors, and even a little tweaking on writing, they can be successfully adapted to film. Here is my list of the top games that need to be made into either TV shows, or movies.

Mass Effect– TV show

The amount of lore in Mass Effectis staggering: Alien races are at war with each other, abundant political intrigue, and an ancient alien race trying to kill everyone. A female Shepard would be the ideal choice to head this series.

My choice lead actress: Jessica Chastain

Red Dead Redemption– Triple Movie Series

By far my favorite game ever, the Housen brothers of GTA fame topped themselves. Red Dead Redemptionfollows ex-bandit, John Marsten, as he’s forced by the government to hunt down his old posse and bring them in or he’ll never see his wife and son again. Now running gangs of their own, the fight to bring them in proves difficult at best. Spanning across the US and even into Mexico, the story comes to a fulfilling and devastating end. If made into a successful franchise, Red Dead Redemption would no doubt be an instant classic. Why should it be made into a series of movies and not just one? Because I fucking said so.

My choice for lead actor: Viggo Mortenson


Devil May Cry– TV show
After the success of Supernatural and the now missed Constantine, a new heaven/hell show needs to be made, and Devil May Cry should be it. Dante, the son of powerful demon named Sparda, spends his days hunting down demons. The animosity between Dante and his brother Virgil, the supporting cast of characters, and his own history would make this a good show. But the action set pieces ALONE would keep this show afloat. With some rewrites to the story, Devil May Crycould make some serious headway as a show.

My choice for lead actor: Dave Franco

Fight Night: Champions -Movie

Released in 2011, this boxing game’s campaign was the last to focus solely on the story, letting you learn skill instead dumping points into speed, power, and agility and hoping for the best. The story follows Andre Bishop as he makes his way to the top of the ranks. Believing he can guarantee Andre a shot at the title, rival Manger DL McQueen gets aggressive. When Andre turns McQueen’ss offer down McQueen goes as far as paying off the judges, paying the reps to call foul with every body hit, and even a match that forces him to fight with a broken wrist.

My choice for lead actor:  Kofi Siriboe

Spec Ops: The Line– Movie

Set in a dystopia’d Dubai, Martin Walker, leads a spec ops team (John Lugo/Alphanso Adams) to find and kill John Conrad. As they enter downtown, a massive sand storm over runs the city leaving them to finish their mission without reinforcements, aid, or any backup whatsoever. Many could argue that this story has been featured already in the 2005 hit Black Hawk Down, but this story has a twist of its own. Before long, you’re forced to make hard decisions, even for a cold-hearted military group that has far reaching consequences and ends on such a high note that WHY HASN’T IT BEEN FUCKING ADAPTED ALREADY!!!

My choice for lead actors: Theo James/Jonny Weston/Michael B. Jordan 

 Given special care and appreciation for all involved, these would make a great addition to film as a medium. Preferably by directors and writers who haven’t written big budget movies before. If a writer director has something to prove, they’ll take extra care to make a great story even better. After all, Uraguan director Fede Alvarez was chosen to helm the 17 million dollar budget remake of Evil Dead after original director Sam Raimi saw a 5 minute YouTube video Alvarez made 4 years prior. Evil Dead went on to make 97.5 million.


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