Why Not To Pre-order Games

Why not to pre-order games

Pre-ordering games actually had a purpose a long time ago, when limited quantities of games were being made to circumvent the difference between supply and demand. Nobody expected Poke’mon to explode in popularity the way it did in the 90’s, so when a new game was announced it was a good idea to pre-order it to guarantee yourself an early copy.  

The practice has since been twisted by game publishers to milk as much money from you through incentives such as extra levels, extra guns, weapons, character skins, and even entire sections of the games that are retailer specific, and have no real impact on the game play. Don’t be fooled, these are cheap ‘promises’ the publishers are selling you to get your money.  

These skins, levels, weapons, game modes all cost money to make, and the game companies want to make their money back so at one point or another they will be made available for purchase. When you pre-order a game, when you’ve put money down on a product that you haven’t even tested yet, you are putting yourself at risk of losing a lot of money. Be patient, read the reviews, make sure a game is worth not only your hard earned money, but the time you will invest in that piece of media.

Games are expensive to make, costing millions of dollars. As a consumer that is not something you should be concerned about. You should be worried whether the game is fun or not.

Don’t build into the hype. Even if you absolutely believe a new Batman game is going to be the best thing ever, be patient. Give it a week. A lot of times ‘Day One” editions are still brand new on the shelves and are easy to pick up.

When you pre-order a game for an incentive such as a retailer specific level, it gives publishers the idea that they can ‘piece-meal’ games and sell them from Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart with specific incentives and increase their sales. All that this leads to is a seriously segmented and incomplete experience regardless of which store you decide to buy from. Because of pre-order culture and DLC there are some incredible experiences from some of my favorite games I will never get to experience.

It’s not worth supporting a terrible business practice. Just be patient, and always support local business. 

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