Project Diva F 2nd DLC "Promise" and "Rosary Pale"

New DLC for Project Diva: F 2nd is here! This week’s songs are “Promise” by samfree sung by Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin, and “Rosary Pale” by Shinjou P sung by KAITO.  I was very excited for the songs this week. I haven’t played them before! Most of the DLC songs seem to be remade from Hatsune Miku: Project Diva and, to be honest, I played the pants off of that on the PSP. Since both songs this week are from the arcade (which I haven’t played before) the songs feel new to me.

“Rosary Pale” was not only a great song, but has great playability.  On extreme, “Rosary Pale” poses a challenge that I enjoy so much with Project Divagames.  I always get tripped up in the technical zones (gah!) but after a couple play throughs I was able to get through them (and get my points!). The video itself is beautiful, and has that emotional passion that I often enjoy about KAITO songs.  What I didn’t like, however, is how the Melody Icons moved so slow in the opening.  Maybe it’s time to use my points on the Overclocker challenge item?

“Promise” is another fun song to play.  The final technical zone, in my opinion, was the most fun. I’m a sucker for having to think fast with double targets, and target diversity in the game (rather than mashing circle a million times as fast as I can). Of course, Rin and Miku duos are also something I can’t complain about.  However, I didn’t like the music video.  I’m not as interested in the dancing-on-a-platform type videos.  On another note, did anyone else feel the video design felt somewhat similar to “Sekiranan Graffiti”?

Of course, my DLC purchase for Project Diva: F 2nd is well worth it! I love how Project Diva: F 2nd keeps me coming back to it even after I’ve beaten the game.  The only thing I hoped for this week was that there would be two KAITO songs, instead of one. Did anyone else feel the same way?


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